10 Steps To A Strong Singing Voice TUTORiAL

10 Steps To A Strong Singing Voice TUTORiAL

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Learn essential vocal techniques to help you become a more confident singer

What you’ll learn
Demonstrate fundamental vocal exercises
Define the mechanics of breath and body activation for singing
Experiment with your vocal anatomy to create different vocal effects
Develop your musicality to harmonise and improvise
Identify ways to improve vocal health

No experience required. We will journey through the very basics of vocal technique together.

Do you want a strong, healthy voice that you can count on? Do you want to explore your creative and artistic potential? Do you want to feel radiant and confident when you sing in front of others? Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned performer, you can harness the power of vocal technique to become a more confident and creative singer. Simply follow these 10 steps, with intention and dedication and you’ll soon find out what your voice is capable of! Join me, Freya, your expert vocal guide, as we journey through all the essential techniques – from breathing to belting. Plus, you can download and keep the Course Journal as well as an entire album of practice tracks to sing along to, long after the course has finished.Not only will you learn easy and applicable exercises, you’ll also gain a deep understanding of the cutting-edge voice science that underpins the exercises – making you a true master of your instrument. Plus, you’ll learn how to keep your voice healthy, and what to do when your voice is not feeling at its best. And the course rounds off with the perfect five-minute vocal warm-up!Your inner voice is waiting to be heard – are you ready to listen?!

Section 1: Ignite your passion for singing

Lecture 1 Why is vocal technique important?

Lecture 2 What are your singing goals?

Lecture 3 A little bit about me, your vocal guide

Lecture 4 Bespoke advice during this course

Section 2: STEP 1: Inhale, exhale

Lecture 5 What’s all the fuss about breathing?

Lecture 6 What is the diaphragm, and how do you use it?

Lecture 7 Slow and steady breathing exercise

Lecture 8 Fast breathing exercise

Lecture 9 Schedule breathing practice

Section 3: STEP 2: Connect with your vocal anatomy

Lecture 10 Let’s explore the ‘voice box’

Lecture 11 A deeper look at your ‘vocal cords’

Lecture 12 How to ‘open your throat’

Lecture 13 How to optimise your ‘resonating chamber’

Lecture 14 Schedule vocal tract exercises

Section 4: STEP 3: What are the vocal registers?

Lecture 15 An introduction to vocal registers

Lecture 16 Chest voice AKA thick voice

Lecture 17 Head voice AKA thin voice

Lecture 18 Mixed voice

Lecture 19 Falsetto AKA stiff voice

Lecture 20 Creak

Lecture 21 Which registers are easy? And which are challenging?

Section 5: STEP 4: The essential exercises

Lecture 22 What on Earth are semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercises?!

Lecture 23 How to practice SOVTs

Lecture 24 Schedule SOVT practice

Section 6: STEP 5: Support your voice with your body

Lecture 25 The concept of anchoring

Lecture 26 Which muscles can support your voice?

Lecture 27 How to support your thick voice

Lecture 28 How to support your thin voice

Lecture 29 What do you find easy or challenging about anchoring?

Section 7: STEP 6: Sing with expression

Lecture 30 What are ‘onsets’ and ‘offsets’?

Lecture 31 Glottal practice

Lecture 32 Breathy practice

Lecture 33 Smooth practice

Lecture 34 Schedule onset and offset practice

Section 8: STEP 7: Hit high notes with ease

Lecture 35 What is ‘twang’?

Lecture 36 Access twang with primal voice exercises

Lecture 37 The basics of ‘belt’

Lecture 38 How to belt

Lecture 39 Schedule twang and belt practice

Section 9: STEP 8: Develop your musicality

Lecture 40 How to be a more creative singer

Lecture 41 What do you love about your favourite singer?

Lecture 42 Learn how to harmonise

Lecture 43 Learn how to improvise

Lecture 44 Experiment with emotions & enter the competition!

Section 10: STEP 9: Top tips for a healthy voice

Lecture 45 Protect your voice in five easy steps

Lecture 46 How could you improve your vocal health?

Section 11: STEP 10: The stage is yours!

Lecture 47 The perfect vocal warm up

Lecture 48 How has your voice become stronger during this course?

Lecture 49 You made it!

All levels of singer – from aspiring performers looking to improve their skills to professional teachers looking to refresh their knowledge


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