16-Bit Action Music Pack WAV

16-Bit Action Music Pack WAV

WAV | 100.95 MB

This music pack contains 12 loopable tracks of action-packed music in an authentic 16-bit style. These songs are intense, energetic, exciting, and wild, making them perfect for racing games, fast-paced platformers, battles, dramatic adventures, and more.

TRACKLIST (.wav, 44.1kHz, 16bit)

Alert!! (LOOP) [0:36]
Check This Out! (LOOP) [2:30]
Eyes on the Prize (LOOP) [0:59]
Kick Into Warpdrive! (LOOP) [1:08]
No Holding Back (LOOP) [2:51]
Race to the Finish (LOOP) [0:24]
Suddenly Surrounded (LOOP) [0:20]
Together We Fight (LOOP) [0:55]
Trouble Afoot (LOOP) [0:53]
Up for the Challenge (LOOP) [0:30]
Vicious Vortex (LOOP) [0:29]
Your Mind Possessed! (LOOP) [1:27]


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