Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit Vol 2 for Korg Wavestate

Berlin School Ambient Construction Kit Vol 2

Presets | 819 MB

Welcome to my second soundbank for the incredible Korg Wavestate synthesizer, built over a period of 6 months in the first half of 2021. The soundbank has 22 original Performances inspired by the Berlin School of Electronic Music, and it continues in the spirit of the first volume released at the end of 2020.

All the Performances are built from four Layers, each with multiple Lanes of Wave Sequences. The Performances use Arpeggiators, allowing you to play a few notes, perhaps a short melodic phrase, and the Arpeggiators and Wave Sequences will take it from there, play the notes in different order and automate the parameters in a musical way. The Performances are designed for live tweaking, taking advantage of the Wave Sequences to modify rhythm, pitch, timbre and dynamics. The individual Layers in a Performance are designed so they both work well together and can play alone – just like individual members of a band.

The accompanying user manual describes each Performance in detail, with a guide to both playing and twisting knobs. It also includes some general tips and tricks for the Wavestate and some insight into how these Performances were built.


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