Cool Wav All Free Products Bundle 2021-2022 MULTiFORMAT

Cool Wav All Free Products Bundle

08/02/2023 | WAV | 1.52 GB

All 47 Free Cool WAV products released from 2021-2022 are now included in one Bundle!

Products Included:

1984 Vol. 1 [Softube Model 84 Presets]
Analog 808’s Vol. 1 [808 BD samples]
Antarctica Vol. 1 [Karanyi Minipol]
Asperations Vol. 1 [zOnesk Asper]
Colorful Vol. 1 [Arturia Pigments + Analog Lab]
Cool Loops Vol. 1 [Melodic Loops + Midi]
Cool Loops Vol. 2 [Melodic Loops + Midi]
Deelay Replay Vol. 1 [Sixth Sample Deelay ]
Digital Contact Vol. 1 [DCO-106]
DRUM8 VST3/AU [Windows and macOS]
FireFly Vol. 1 [LowFire]
FL Studio 21 Theme Pack Vol. 1
Full Circle Vol. 1 [FAW Circle2 ]
Good Vybz Vol. 1 [Thenatan Vybz ]
Mini Unlimited Vol. 1 [Cherry Audio Miniverse]
New Flavors Vol. 1 [AIR Flavor Pro]
New Phase Vol. 1 [KiloHearts Phase Plant]
New-Fi Vol. 1 [Waves Retro Fi]
Noise Complaints Volume 1 [TAL Noisemaker]
OB-V1 [DiscoDSP OB-XD]
Odin Bank 1 [Odin 2]
Originals [Cymatics Origin]
Obercool Vol. 1 [BX Oberhausen]
OuterSpace Vibes Vol. [Supermassive]
Patch Invader Vol. 1 [E-Phonic Invader 2]
Power Surge Vol. 1 [Surge XT]
Power Surge Vol. 2 [Surge XT]
Power Surge Vol. 3 [Surge XT]
Power Surge Vol. 4 [Surge XT]
Retro 1 [RC-20 Presets]
Rose Thorns Vol. 1 [DS Thorn Presets]
Simple Console v1.1 Plugin [Windows only]
Simple Saturation v1.1 Plugin [Windows only]
Snap Hearts Vol. 1 [KiloHearts Snapheap]
Space Portals Vol. 1 [Output Portal]
Star Glow Vol. 1 [Stardust 201]
String Theory [Vinyl Guitar]
Super GR-8 Vol. 1 [Phuturetone GR-8]
TallVerb Vol. 1 [TAL Reverb 4]
Tape Magic Vol. 1 [Thenatan Tape FX]
Truth Serum Vol. 1 [Xfer Serum]
V-Verb Vol. 1 [VintageVerb]
Vintage Lab Vol. 1 [Analog Lab]
Virtual Fun Vol. 1 [PG-8X Presets]
Vitality Vol. 1 [Vital Presets]
Vitality Vol. 3 [Vital Presets]
Vitality Vol. 5 [Vital Presets]


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