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DAWSound v1.79 WiN

DB026 | 22 February 2023 | 772 KB

DAWSound Windows Multi-Touch MIDI Controller is a Windows program that allows you to create unlimited layouts to control your DAW and your hardware and software synthesizers.

Use the WYSIWYG layout editor to create layouts with faders, knobs, buttons, labels and XY Pads. You can change the size and appearance of every controller. You can also set the MIDI channel, Note number, CC number and value range for every controller. You can even have buttons switch to different layouts and also send keyboard commands to other Windows programs. Layouts can be any size that you want. MIDI is also bi-directional.

DAWSound works with a mouse and it supports multi-touch.

Completely Configurable
All the controllers in DAWSound are completely configurable. Colors, sizes, ranges, MIDI data, etc are all user-defined. DAWSound also remembers where each Layout should appear on your screen, so each Layout can appear in specific places, enhancing your workflow. DAWSound works with any program that can receive MIDI. DAWSound can also receive MIDI data and update the controllers. You can even load pictures to use and the Layout background.

MIDI Monitor
DAWSound can show incoming and outgoing MIDI data in real-time, so you can use DAWSound as MIDI monitor.

Fader Controller
Faders can be horizontal or vertical, show or hide values, different knob styles, etc. They can work in reverse and have an auto-return value.

Knob Controller
Knobs can show or hide values, have different rotation angles and have varying amounts of rotation. They can work in reverse and have an auto-return value.

Button Controller
Buttons can send MIDI Note data, CC values or keyboard commands (such as SHIFT-A to any Windows program). Buttons can also be velocity-sensitive – the higher you click on a button the higher the Note velocity or CC value is.

Label Controller
Labels can be horizontal or vertical and various font sizes and colors.

XY Pad Controller
XY-Pads can send any 2 CC values at the same time. The ranges for each CC value is user-definable.

MIDI Modifier Controller
MIDI Modifier controllers allow you to modify incoming MIDI data and send out the modified MIDI data. It has input filters so you can specify what MIDI data you want to modify. You can alter the MIDI channel, change the CC Number, change the MIDI Note and change the Note velocity.

Popup Layout Controller
Popup Layout Controllers allow you to open an existing Layout on top of the current Layout. This is great for creating “mini-Layouts” that open and close on your main Layout.

Button Matrix Controller
A Button Matrix controller is a grid of Buttons that can interact with each other. For example, only one button in the grid can be active at a time. This allows the Button Matrix controller to act as a radio button switch. Each button can have it’s own color and functionality just like a regular Button controller.

Changes since v1.63
Jan 25, 2023
Version 1.71 is released
– update to graphics engine for Knob 2

Jan 23, 2023
Version 1.69 is released
– minor bugs fixes and tweaks


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