FL Studio 20 Pro Tips TUTORIAL-SoSISO

FL Studio 20 Pro Tips TUTORIAL

SoSISO | 12 December 2020 | 1.22 GB

This course is design for you to learn the some of the most important action that needs to be taken in order to achieve a certain production goal in FL. We are looking at some of the hidden special feature inside FL that can add ease or take your production to a whole new level by improving your overall workflow.

Video 1 – Workflow Tips (27:08)
Your workflow is the one that drives your music to a certain direction and in this video you will learn how to optimize FL Studio 20 to better suit and Improve it.

Video 2 – Piano Roll Tips (16:38)
The piano roll is where we put our secret ingredient in music production since thats the only place where we can lay our chords and melody and in this video you will learn how to utilize some of the most powerful tools inside the piano roll that are often underminded by a lot of users. You will learn how to use some of the hidden features to your advantage.

Video 3 – Sidechaining Tips and Tricks (08:06)
Its vaguely important to know how to dig up some space on some elements in order for the other element inside your track to pass through and in this video you will be learning about the different ways that you can execute sidechain compression inside FL studio using a few different plugins just within your built in arsenal.

Video 4 – Mixing Tips (09:34)
Mixing is one of the most ifluential stage in the production realm since it takes the arrangement and the overall production in a new level. In this video you will learn how to properly approach mixing whether you are mixing drums,guitars or vocals. This concept can be very well applied on any element

Video 5 – Tips on Using third party plugins (05:39)
Plugins are some of the most useful and powerful tools inside your DAW. Some of them are built in inside your DAW and some of them are paid. In this video we will learn about the ways that we can make the most out of our third party plugin and you’ll learn the advantage and disadvantages in using third party plugins inside FL.

Video 6 – Sound Design tips (15:38)
Sound Design is the most time consuming stage in music production since it involves a lot of tweaking and Exploring new sounds. In this video you’re gonna be learning some of the ways that you can manipulate your sound using a few different methods.


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