Heavenly Piano Masterclass TUTORiAL

Heavenly Piano Masterclass TUTORiAL

P2P | 23 January 2023 | 7.17 GB

The Heavenly Piano Masterclass represents the foundation of my piano playing. I created this course in response to people who wanted to learn how to play dynamically and express themselves outside of reading sheet music.

In this course, I will share with you my knowledge and unique approach to my playing that is focused on improvisation through the understanding of patterns that revolve around intervals, inversions, transitions, and arpeggios.

By the end of this course, you will be able to play and improvise using advanced techniques not taught in conventional piano education.

This course will break you free from only being able to play with sheet music and give you the tools to improvise over any song as well as create your own piano music. It will unlock your ability to play in all registers and transform your ability to express yourself on the piano.

Course Length : 5 Hours 35 Mins | 4 Sections | 60 Lectures

Elevate your piano expression.
“Heavenly Piano Masterclass” is an inspiring piano course developed by musician and recording artist Mark Shian to help piano players take their playing to greater heights through the understanding of piano improvisation using the power and knowledge of intervals. His experience in the studio and stage has been crucial to the development of this unique piano course. The goal here was not to just make another piano course that teaches things you can’t really apply to real world situations but to really give you effective tools, skills, knowledge, and vocabulary that translates to greater expression on the piano no matter what song it is you’re playing.

No time is wasted learning unnecessary theory or boring scales. This course is designed to cut right into the heart of dynamic piano playing. The understanding of these principles and techniques can be applied to all styles of music. By the end of this course, you will be able to play and improvise like a professional using techniques not taught in conventional piano education.

The course is designed to be accelerated, this means that what would take a typical piano student years to learn through conventional training can be learnt in this course in a fraction of the time. You will be given a unique understanding of playing techniques that will help you develop a sound that is dynamic and unique to you. This is important because Mark believes that every pianist should have a unique musical fingerprint and identity. In light of this, this piano course has been developed to help you discover your own unique sound as a piano artist, improviser, and songwriter.

What you’ll learn:

•The main goal of the course is to make you an overall more dynamic pianist with the ability to improvise over any song in a beautiful, expressive, and melodic way
•By the end of this course you will know how to play and dynamically improvise all over the piano
•You will learn the most essential theory needed to understand the construction of chords and scales which is foundational to being able to improvise all over the piano
•You will learn how to improvise and create meaningful melody using notes within chords, scales, and intervals but in a powerful new way
•You will learn how to apply these piano techniques to any chord, any key, and any song
•You will develop tons of new “piano vocabulary” you can use to play over any song in any genre and style of music
•You will master your ability and understanding of intervals, inversions, and transitions
•You will learn and master new chord transitions in a skillful melodic way.
•You will learn the art of writing and how to improvise your own piano solos
•You will develop some tremendous skills on your left and right hands and melodic capability. These skills set apart amateurs from professionals.
•You will learn how to express and play beautiful piano music in a way that will capture the heart of your audience
•With the understanding of how chords and improvisation works, you will be an all round better, more confident pianist ready to take on any song
•You will get insight to how I approach playing a song with examples of me playing and walking you through what I’m doing within the song. This will give you a powerful understanding of what to do when playing a song.
•You’ll be a better singer-songwriter as you learn how to express chords when you sing and play the piano at the same time
•The course is designed to help you discover your own unique ability to improvise and be creative when playing
•You’ll be pulled out of the “box” that conventional music education teaches and into a whole new world of powerful piano expression
•You will learn advanced piano techniques that will set you above the crowd
•Your piano playing will sound fuller, richer, and more melodic by the time you’re done with the course


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