John Mayer Guitar Course Learn 20 Licks In His Style TUTORiAL

Guitar Course Learn 20 Licks TUTORiAL

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An In-Depth Transcription based Video Course

What you’ll learn
Get more confident when improvising on the guitar
Broaden your hoirzont with new techniques, you may have not used before.
Get more musical when improvising on the guitar
Learn how to improvise in the style of virtuoso John Mayer
Basic understanding of the pentatonic scale, knowing the difference between Major & Minor and be familiar with common techniques.
John Mayer has created his marks in the guitar world for decades now and is a much respected guitarist among other pro players and the guitar community. He even gets praise from guitar legends like Eric Clapton. If you ever wanted to take an in depth look into his playing style and learn Licks that you probably haven’t heard before, than this guitar course is for you!The Licks you will learn are transcribed from live versions of his own songs like ,,Out Of My Mind”, ,,Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”, ,,Gravity”, ,,Queen Of California”, ,,Vultures”, some livestreams he did on Instagram and also from guest solos on other peoples Songs like Keith Urban.You will find, that his playing is inspired by a lot of players, who came before him. So there might be the possibility, that some licks sound familiar to the things that guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King or Eric Clapton would play. Still you will find that he creates his own style in some sense.After the course you will have a better understanding on the complexity of his improvising style and will hopefully feel more confident to use these licks yourself in the context of a song.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Lick Nr. 1

Lecture 2 Lick Nr .1

Section 3: Lick Nr. 2

Lecture 3 Lick Nr. 2

Section 4: Lick Nr. 3

Lecture 4 Lick Nr. 3

Section 5: Lick Nr. 4

Lecture 5 Lick Nr. 4

Section 6: Lick Nr. 5

Lecture 6 Lick Nr. 5

Section 7: Lick Nr. 6

Lecture 7 Lick Nr. 6

Section 8: Lick Nr. 7

Lecture 8 Lick Nr. 7

Section 9: Lick Nr. 8 & 9

Lecture 9 Lick Nr. 8 & 9

Section 10: Lick Nr. 10

Lecture 10 Lick Nr. 10

Section 11: Lick Nr. 11

Lecture 11 Lick Nr. 11

Section 12: Lick Nr. 12

Lecture 12 Lick Nr. 12

Section 13: Lick Nr. 13

Lecture 13 Lick Nr. 13

Section 14: Lick Nr. 14

Lecture 14 Lick Nr. 14

Section 15: Lick Nr. 15

Lecture 15 Lick Nr. 15

Section 16: Lick Nr. 16 & 17

Lecture 16 Lick Nr. 16 & 17

Section 17: Lick Nr. 18

Lecture 17 Lick Nr. 18

Section 18: Lick Nr. 19

Lecture 18 Lick Nr. 19

Section 19: Lick Nr. 20

Lecture 19 Lick Nr. 20

Everyone who wants to learn the guitar style of John Mayer


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