Kontakt 7 v7.2.0 WiN-bobdule

Kontakt 7 v7.2.0 WiN

bobdule | 29/09/2023 | 513 MB

For 20 years, KONTAKT has been the backbone of countless film scores and pop hits, as well as thousands of incredible instruments from NI and your favorite NKS developers alike. Now, with a new HiDPI browsing experience, an overhauled Factory Library, new creative effects, and under-the-hood audio improvements, the next evolution is nearly here.

Change Log:


7.2.0 _ 2023-03-27
New features for instrument builders, performance optimizations and bug fixes.
ADDED Bus amplifier section now includes phase invert and L/R swap controls
ADDED Naming voice groups is now possible in Group Editor
ADDED Stereo Modeller Pan parameter can now be modulated
ADDED Lo-Fi Color parameter can now be modulated
ADDED Lowpass and Highpass filters in Solid EQ
ADDED Repack NKR button in Instrument Options dialog (only shows if the instrument has a resource container assigned)
ADDED Collection of new wavetables and single cycle waveforms
IMPROVED Previous and next instrument buttons in Single View are now disabled if only one instrument is loaded
IMPROVED Output section now correctly recalls effect slot settings saved in output section presets
IMPROVED Show additional useful info about the instrument in Monitor > Groups and Monitor > Zones panes
IMPROVED All remaining dropdown menus are replaced with HiDPI menus
FIXED TMPro Legato behavior was incorrect since Kontakt 7.1.3
FIXED Kontakt would crash attempting to reveal a sample in the Mapping Editor with no sample selected
FIXED Bass Pro would always process the signal in stereo even if Mono button was enabled
FIXED Mismatch in sample rate during sample analysis for AET filter which caused incorrect frequency response for non-44.1k samples
FIXED In certain cases the performance view would be incorrectly shifted in the rack
FIXED In certain cases the performance view size would not be updated correctly
FIXED Slice Trigger group start condition listed available slices in the Trigger Zone menu, instead of Slice Index menu
FIXED Pitch Bend Down/Up Only mod shaper presets were affecting the tuning even when pitch bend controller was zeroed out
FIXED Harmonize and Harmonize – Tonal multi scripts produced an extraneous note off event for the original note
ADDED KSP New source module engine parameters for Keyboard tracking, HQI mode, TMPro Keep Formants and S1200 filter mode
ADDED KSP Filename of the last loaded MIDI file can be retrieved with mf_get_last_filename()
ADDED KSP It is now possible to determine if Kontakt is running as a plugin or in standalone with $NI_KONTAKT_IS_STANDALONE
IMPROVED KSP In certain cases using many ui_panel widgets would lag the whole performance view
IMPROVED KSP Major performance improvement when setting zone, loop and sample parameters in batch
IMPROVED KSP Added optional arguments to search() command which allows searching only a specific range of the array instead of the whole array
FIXED KSP Incorrect script error was raised when load_array, save_array(), load_array_str(), save_array_str() commands were used in the init callback
REMOVED Pop-out buttons for Mapping/Wave Editors in plugin versions


Fixed Licensing issues

Export samples options was missing in previous


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