Mesosphere v. 1.1.2 WIN MAC

Mesosphere v. 1.1.2 WIN MAC

VST3 / AU | 165 MB

Create unique Pads & Atmospheres with this Dual Blending Engine!

We’ve all got a hard drive LOADED with samples we’re unsure what to do with, right? It’s time to put those samples to use in a wonderfully unique way! Meet “Mesosphere – Dual Atmosphere Engine” which was designed to do just that!

“Mesosphere – Dual Atmosphere Engine” will allow you to express your deepest feelings without speaking a word. Simply Drag & Drop your sample into 1 of 2 Engines, tune your sample & start letting the magic happen. By blending different sounds from both engines, you get insane atmospheres and movement for the background of your tracks. This is how you set the mood and feeling of your production.

“Mesosphere” makes it effortless to express yourself in a BIG & DYNAMIC way. With an easy-to-use interface, it’s simple to load your own audio files into the Sampler Engines (or one of 50 included audio files). Then, using different Sampler Properties & FX, we can blend and manipulate these sounds to be one MAJOR atmopsheric pad. Combine these sounds with 2 built in Oscillators and the possiblities are nearly endless! You can also gain inspiration and knowledge of the plugin by using 1 of 15 Factory Presets.

Turn your deepest emotions into your art. Use “Mesosphere – Dual Atmosphere Engine” in your next project.

Download Includes:

Mesosphere – Dual Atmosphere Engine

Windows – VST3

Mac – VST3 & AU

10 Stock Presets

50 HQ WAV Samples

Compatible with all DAWS (excluding Pro-Tools)

Easy Install & Manual

Bug that was crashing some DAWs/OS Combos with the Mesosphere Plugin got fixed.


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