MGD Tape Head v1.1 AMXD-ARCADiA

MGD Tape Head v1.1 AMXD

Team ARCADiA | AMXD | 1.68 MB

Create glitchy effects and IDM rhythms with this unique playhead modulation effect.

Roll back the tape!

[MGD] Tape Head allows you to “scrub” through Ableton Live clips. It works for both audio and MIDI, so you can get some pretty crazy rhythms going on. Or maybe you’d rather pull some new sound design out of existing tracks or loops.

What’s it for?

IDM rhythms from MIDI clips
Beat freezing
Beat-repeat rhythm effects
Real-time reverse
Real-time time stretching

Note – [MGD] Tape Head is a tool designed for use with the clips in Ableton’s “Session View”. Individual clip playheads are not available in the “Arrangement View”.


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