Mystic Cosmos Sylenth Soundsets

Mystic Cosmos Sylenth Soundsets

P2P | 06 February 2023 | 4 MB

Touch The Universe is proud to present “Mystic Cosmos” for the royally beautiful Sylenth synth, suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres, containing 128 lovely presets.

Nobody stops to consider the feelings of the synthesizer. These presets want to be played. In fact, they just can’t wait.

Lovingly and patiently crafted, I meticulously tweaked the Mystic Cosmos soundset to divine realms thanks to the uber smooth ultra analog action and vibe “secret sauce” going on inside this mysterisouly marvelous synthesizer, beyong legendary even, and, rightly so. The purity of the filters and precision of the calculus of the lfo’s and snappy envelopes is a golden treat.

The soundset covers a vast sonic territory and is full of exotic character thanks to Sylenths gorgeous oscillators. Mystic Cosmos covers a very wide sonic palette with a richly diverse assortment of styles, from complex, futuristic acid 303 lines to thick and lush keys, super wide stereophonic textures, piercing resonating leads full of grit and distortion. It also contains many beautiful lush pads, vibrant soundscapes and ambient textures. They are ideal for nearly all subgenres of electronic music, but, like with all the Touch The Universe sound banks, are perfectly suited to the exotic, progressive, and futuristic styles of trance.

The Mystic Cosmos soundset turned out phenomenal, some synths got it and this is the one. Sound designing in her is humbling, as such beauty doesn’t come easy, for it has limitations, yet by its beauty, I stand by her. Sylenth is the best syneth.

Who says less is more? While sylenth is indeed limited compared to the likes of Hive, I’d still take her on some days. Let’s hope for an extended modulation matrix.


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