Piano For Beginners: The Complete Course to Learning Piano PDF

Piano For Beginners The Complete Course

English | 2020 | 184 pages | PDF | 20 MB

This course provides a systematic approach to learning core musical concepts that are necessary to play the piano. You will begin by learning about features of the piano keyboard and the importance of fingering by exploring a familiar melody (Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”). You will be encouraged to find a relaxed sitting and playing position at the keyboard and to watch, listen to, and play along with your instructor. As you learn basics about pitch and rhythm, you will read from a modified off-staff notation so you can focus on your fingers and the sound that you are creating as you play. Gradually, you will learn to read traditional notation on the grand staff and learn about and play increasingly complex music. You are encouraged to play along with the instructor as you are learning new skills and concepts and once you have prepared assigned pieces of music.

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