Psychedelic Music Production Workshop With Cubase Level 2 TUTORiAL

Psychedelic Music Production Workshop With Cubase Level 2 TUTORiAL

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Level 2 part 1

What you’ll learn
Sound Design With Zebra 2 VST / Action of LFO
Progression of percussions
Setup tp record midi in Audio
Creation of Patch with Zebra 2 VST / Midi Learn (Assignations)
Create FX Samples and ambiance sounds
Explaination of envelopp of the sound (ADSR), action of release
Put the sounds in the track, write the story
Cut a sample to create gate
Editing volume in 1 audio sample
Bounce Audio element
Moove quantize in an audio sample
Bounce audio element
Using Pitch envelopp to create a break

have the first bases with Cubase
have cubase and Zebra 2 Vst

Learn to produce Psychedelic Trance Music with Cubase Level 2 by Twisted Kala.This is the following of “Psychedelic Music production workshop with Cubase”.You can follow also this course separatly if you have already some bases in Music production.You will find a lot of tips to use Cubase and also to write psychedelic Music.You will learn also the use of the effects in this style.My particularity is to create deep sounds by working on sound synthesis, and we will create our own sounds from the initial patch (which is a raw wave)…..We will learn the action of the LFO, which is a precious tool in sound synthesis. The advantage to create your own sounds is that then the track is unique, and it really comes from what you have inside of yourself. Then after few tracks the people can immediatly recognize that the work is from you. You give like that a print to you music.In this course we’ll focus also in the sound synthesis on creating FX and ambient sounds.And then with all this sounds created, we’ll start to write a proper story.After taking this course, with some personal work, you’ll be able to write your own psychedelic trance music track.There is now a Bonus update in the section 4: some really nice sound synthesis with the Vst Serum, to can go deeper in the creation of your sounds.Let’s create all together a new magical world.Karine / Twisted Kala

Section 1: Let’s Design the Sound!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Write Midi with Zebra 2. Action of LFO

Lecture 3 Progression of Percussions to start the track

Lecture 4 Sound Design with Zebra 2 VST

Section 2: Let’s go Further!

Lecture 5 Writing more sounds for the track.

Lecture 6 Create FX Sample and Ambiance sounds

Lecture 7 Start to write the Story with the sounds done earlier

Section 3: Here we Are!

Lecture 8 Place the sounds in the track to write the story

Lecture 9 Review of building of the track and create a break

Lecture 10 Break with Kick and Pitch Envelopp (Review of Level 1)

Section 4: Bonus update gift

Lecture 11 Sound synthesis with Serum Vst

Producer want to know some tips of psychedelic music,who archieved the first level of my course.,curious about psychedelic trance music?


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