Rugged Halftime DnB WAV-DECiBEL

Rugged Halftime DnB WAV

DECiBEL | 10 Mar 2023 | 595 MB

If you’re looking to get some down and dirty samples for your DnB tracks then look no further! ‘Rugged Halftime DnB’ is a must-have for any producer looking to add some sturdy and strong sounds to their drum and bass tracks. With a wide variety of Atmospheres, Basses, Drums, Foley, FX, Glitches, Leads, Vocals, and Music samples, this pack has everything you need to inspire your creativity and toughen up your productions.

The Bass and Drums samples in this pack are sure to make your tracks stand out. There’s a wide range of bass sounds to choose from including Loops, One-shots and Sustains. Whether you’re looking for a deep, aggressive, and subby bassline or a punchy, percussive groove, this pack has you covered. The Drums are top-notch, with a range of loops, hats, kicks, snares, claps, and percussion samples to choose from. They have all been expertly processed and are ready to drop straight into your tracks to add a unbreakable foundation to your halftime Drum and Bass

The Atmosphere, and Foley samples in this pack are perfect for adding extra depth and ambiance to your tracks. ASMR Inducing foley add some extra texture and detail to your tracks, while the dark and brooding soundscapes (both in Tonal and A-Tonal) will help you create the perfect mood to bring your tracks to life!

The FX samples are perfect for adding some extra energy and excitement. From risers and falls to impact sounds, reverses and noise sweeps, for a sense of movement and drama. Whether you’re looking for a subtle glitch effect or a more overt, chaotic sound, the Glitches provide some experimental flair to your tracks! The Leads and Music Loops are sure to inspire your creativity, with a wide range of synth and instrument samples to choose from. From sweeping arpeggios to punchy, percussive leads, to help you craft the perfect melody for your halftime DnB tracks.

Finally, the vocal samples in this pack are perfect for adding some hard hitting elements to your halftime DnB. With punchy, processed words & sounds to add some character to your tracks.

Rugged Halftime Drum and Bass is an essential tool for any producer looking to add some robust sounds to their collection. Get inside this wide range of high-quality samples and find your newest go-to for Halftime Drum and Bass!

544 Total Contents

133 Drum One Shots
11 Claps
24 Hats
30 Kicks
43 Percs
25 Snares

64 Drum Loops
32 Drum Loops
13 Hat Loops
19 Perc Loops

86 Bass
26 Bass Loops
35 Bass One Shots
25 Bass Sustains

73 FX
12 Fallers
16 Impacts
9 Noise Sweeps
21 Reverses
15 Risers
33 Glitches

45 Music Loops

23 Leads

25 Atmospheres (Atonal & Tonal)

23 Fills

18 Foley

11 Vocal Chants

10 Wonky Loops


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