Song Mixing Secrets

Song Mixing Secrets

English | 2021  | 72 pages | EPUB PDF MOBI | 3 MB

The Best Christmas Gift For The Audio Engineer or Music Producer in your life!
This book is the sequel to my first book, “Audio Mastering Secrets” the best selling audio mastering book for 2021 and 2020!

If you’re into audio engineering, this is a great music production book to add to your home recording studio collection. Packed with step-by-step proven methods.
Since 1999, I’ve worked with over 8,000 clients (that’s 6-8 per week) in every genre imaginable. Working with this many clients gave me the rare opportunity to discover what areas most sound engineers are having problems with.

What they do need is a book that points out the most common mixing errors that most sound engineers make, so they can check their mixes for them. Problems they don’t even realize their mixes suffer from. That’s what “Song Mixing Secrets” is all about!

I Show You How To Quickly Fix These Common Problems –

•Mix is too crowded, no space or clarity
•Vocals can’t cut through the mix
•Inconsistent levels from section to section
•Mix is too bassy, muddy
•Mix is too bright, tinny, thin
•Stereo field is weak (your song is really mono)
•And More!!

This book is for someone who has a good understanding of basic mixing procedures. Sometimes as a solution to a problem, I might suggest compressing the lead vocal a bit. But, I don’t get into detailed threshold and ratio settings. I assume you already know how to compress a vocal track.

I wrote this entire book in simple plain English (layman’s terms). I eliminated all the words you never heard of and hi-tech jargon, so anyone at any level can understand and learn from this book.
You’ve invested hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into your music.

If you’re serious about it, now’s the time to make a very small financial investment in this book so your music will sound the very best it can!
I wrote this book so you can quickly learn (in a matter of days) the techniques, tips, and secrets that took me over 20+ years to learn!


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