SSG7V v. 1.5.0 WiN [MOCHA]

SSG7V v. 1.5.0 WiN

VST3 | 7.23 MB

It’s finally out! SSG7 V, a metal guitar VST that doesn’t require samples!
You don’t need large samples for guitar instruments anymore! SSG7V is sample-free and doesn’t require a lot of memory! And since SSG7V has a built-in amp simulator, you can get heavy guitar sounds with just one unit!

SSG7 V is a non-sampling guitar VST instrument that does not use sample files.
It is equipped with an Auto Release function, which minimizes the use of keyswitches to express rock ticks.A chord mode is also equipped, so you can easily make guitar chords sound by specifying a chord. It also features an internal amp simulator and presets, so you can express cool guitar sounds right away. Experience the world of SSG7V now.

There is also an acoustic version included:


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