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Tantra 2 v2.0.1-WIN

TeamCubeadooby | 15 March 2023 | 7 MB

EARLY ACCESS: We are excited to bring you DS Audio Tantra 2. MEGA and MIX & MASTER Bundle users have unlimited access as of today. If you haven’t subscribed to one of the bundle plans yet you can still grab a FREE 14-day trial. The sale for this new plugin starts on October 5.

Add movement, dimension and rhythm to any track
Tantra 2 is a rhythmic multi-effects plugin that can create mesmerizing rhythmic sequences from any source material, no matter how flat or dry. Take lifeless basic synth sound, a deep and evolving pad, or even an arpeggiated sequence and instantly reshape it, making it sparkle and come to life with just a few clicks.

Includes 8 Flexible multi-stage modulators
Create rhythmic modulations using 8 powerful effect stages including filter, distortion, delay, lo-fi, glitch, and more. Tantra 2 includes two layers of each main effect, allowing you to make independent sub-patterns in your rhythms. A master reverb and equalizer/exciter at the output stage help you finalize your sound.

Get started fast with stunning presets and an “intelligent randomizer”
In addition to the presets created by top sound designers, Tantra 2 has its own onboard preset generator. Not just a simple parameter randomizer, this “intelligent algorithm” creates evocative new presets for you from scratch, based on our team’s years of sound design experience.

Deep control that’s easy to use
Tantra 2 offers a generational shift in GUI design. It employs a special 3D GPU engine to create a responsive, fluid UI with plenty of useful and eye-catching animations, helping to clue you in to what’s going on with your audio, and make even more creative choices.


 Create powerful rhythmic effects to add depth, dimension and movement to any sound
 6 two-stage effects include Filter, Distortion, Delay, Lo Fi, Flanger and Glitch, which can be placed in any order
 Each effect offers two stages that can run in series or parallel
 A master section allows you to apply global EQ and Reverb to your sound
Use the Modulator section to define the rhythmic patterns with complex 32-step envelopes with adjustable shape and different operating modes. A Convolution section includes impulse responses from broken microphones antiquated speakers and other special devices
 Included presets are amplified by an intelligent randomizer algorithm to create new custom presets on the fly

version 2.0.1:
•Rework UI to improve readability
•Fixed crash in Magix AcidPro
•Add Mono and Mono->Stereo plugin configurations for AU

REQ: Operating Systems:
macOS 10.9
Plugin Formats: AudioUnit, VST, VST3


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