Tape Series Vol.1 v1.0.3 MPC EXPANSiONS WAV WiN MAC

Tape Series Vol.1 v1.0.3 EXPANSiONS WAV


Akai Professional and MSXII Sound Design, the worldwide leaders in hip-hop sound design, are pleased to drop some brand new Flavors for your MPC – The Tape Series Vol. 1!

The MPC “Tape Series” Expansion Pack provides a gateway into the sounds that helped us fall in love with music in the first place. Nostalgia evokes textures with beats that move your soul! Warm, cosy vibes that remind you of the gear and techniques that helped carve the sound of the most emulated and imitated period.

Per usual, you’ll find new & unheard punchy organic drums, soulful chords, gritty samples, and smooth bass lines. The entire Tape Series has been dipped in layers of texture, character, and soul via outboard processing by classic gear by SSL, Neve, API, and more.

Tape Series is also the first to utilize the Air Flavor/Flavor Pro plugin to elevate the sound across the entire expansion. We’ve carefully crafted a master chain on each program using Flavor to give beat makers an inside look at our process to learn from!

Tape Series Vol. 1 delivers those classic authentic vibes MSXII Sound Design is known for. Often imitated, never duplicated! Vol 1 also brings the most incredible collection of Lo-Fi Warmth and the sonic punch of analogue inside your MPC, making your beats hit even harder! Each drum hit and melodic sample has been carefully processed through high-end outboard and then transferred to Ampex 2-inch tape, delivering the ultimate punch and saturation. From vintage slick musical selections to warm and deep kicks……The Tape Series provides a whole collection of drums and samples like never before.

Tape Series includes 24 dedicated MPC Kits, including over 450 samples mixed with Vinyl noise, Live Sampled Instruments, Real Drums, Brass, Classic Rhodes, Vintage Synths, and snares.

Level up your production and purchase the Tape Series Vol. 1 from MSXII Sound Design & Akai Pro.


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