The Science of Sound – Pitch Tutorial

The Science of Sound – Pitch Tutorial

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Join Jono Buchanan for a full education on everything pitch-related in music production.

Learn everything you need to know and more about pitch in music production with Jono Buchanan, and discover the variety of ways you can affect it to create inspiring sounds and hone your mixes. Whether you’re looking to detune a synth oscillator to create subtle stereo width, tune a drum sound to make it work in your mix, or use pitch-shifting plugins on a vocal; you’ll find everything you need to know in this course.

Over the course of two hours, you’ll receive a full grounding in the fundamentals of pitch, learning ways in which they work and how they can be applied in the context of a mix. These are all techniques that have been used by audio engineers for decades, and in this course Jono will familiarise you with the modern software tools you can use to harness them yourself today.

At the end of this course you’ll understand the relationship between pitch, frequency and harmonics; how to work with parameters like detune, vibrato and glide in a synth; how to work with industry staple pitch-shifting and pitch-correction plugins and much more. As well as this, you’ll get plenty of tips on workflow organisation within a DAW environment, and creative techniques to kickstart inspiration.

In total, there are fifteen chapters of content in The Science of Sound – Pitch, delivered by Apple-certified trainer Jono Buchanan. All of the production techniques that are covered in this course are explored through a Logic Pro session, making it easy to understand their context in a mix, but they’re also applicable in most DAWs.

This course is part of the Science of Sound series, which goes deeper into important music production topics that you’ll use again and again in your own projects. Understanding the fundamentals behind concepts like pitch, delay, reverb, equalisation, compression, and the way in which we as music producers and listeners perceive sound will allow you to approach your projects with a greater confidence, purpose and know-how.

No PhD needed, the science-y parts are explained by our awesome educators in a way that anyone can understand!

DAW: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 2hrs 16mins


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