The Ultimate Hardstyle Remake Sylent1 Soundbank

The Ultimate Hardstyle Remake Sylent1

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This soundbank was created because I have made a lot of remakes in the past (and still am making them) and I have all those great presets laying around gathering dust. I decided I can bundle them all together into a soundbank and share it with you guys!

I want to stress that there are no sounds from the original tracks in this soundbank. All these sounds are recreated by me to get as close to the original sound as possible!

Here is a link to the trailer showcasing some sounds you can get with these presets:

Currently the list of remakes is:

A New World
My Story
On My Mind
Fallen Souls
Ghost Stories
Darkest Hour
Wanna Stay
Kingdom Comes
Never Alone
Power Up
Take It All Remix
Power of Perception
The Sound Of

Keep in mind, you need the legal version of Sylenth1, I made the presets in version 3.067 so you need that version at least!

INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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