THE_BOUNCE for Ableton Live-DECiBEL

THE_BOUNCE for Ableton Live

DECiBEL | 14 Jan 2023 | 423 MB

Everything you need to create Release-Ready Dance Music
THE_BOUNCE is the ultimate deal if you are producing Dance, House, EDM or Dance Pop…

Turn your ideas into pro-level productions – easier than ever.

All inside Ableton Live 11 – No external plugins required.

Get your Drums to a whole new level. 10 Drum Kits, 50+ Drum Samples used in songs with millions of streams, Drum Midi Patterns for instant inspiration and pro-level percussion loops – all at your fingertips.

The virtual instruments inside THE_BOUNCE will bring the unique character of your track to life. On top of that, you will stop playing wrong notes forever by using THE_HACK on your virtual instruments.

The Audio Effects inside THE_BOUNCE are “the last mile” on your way to a release-ready Dance Record. Use them to make people feel something when they’re listening to your tracks.

THE_BOUNCE requires Ableton Live 11


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