Tribal Groove House MULTiFORMAT

DISCOVER | 11/December/2020 | 1.17GB

Clashing boundaries between multiple genres, We delivers a 1.6GB+ smorgasbord of sounds launched in perfect timing for another party-hungry summer season. Taking inspiration from the current trends, we have concocted another must-have sample pack incorporating hundreds of new groove possibilities and delivering fresh material.

Just as it states on the tin, this pack is all about tribal house, grove house and tech house with bits of electro and progressive influences. We provide hard swingy bass rockers, massive funky drums fills, sounds effects, a combination of flutes, horns, big synths & pianos for the leads & melodies section, truly specific and essential percussion loops ranging from full percussion mixes, congas & bongos, hits & snare loops, light percussion loops, shaker loops to toms & low percussion loops, complementing additive loops, the usual dirty top loops and of course bits of vocals and vocal glitched loops to taper it off.

You certainly cannot go wrong with this one as it has all the needed tools for months and months of new inspiration. The content is delivered as 9 main folders (additive loops, bass loops, drum hits, fills, fx, leads & melodies, percussion loops, top loops, vocal loops). You also have 3 additional folders (midi, rex2 and sampler patches ).

The majority of sounds is delivered as 2-4 bar loops. You also get DRY & WET exports along with one extra bar to catch the reverb/delay/release tails for seamless looping. MIDI files are also included for all additives, bass loops, leads and melodies.

What you get is 1.6GB+ of content broken down into: 1693 total files consisting of 1063 WAV files [100 additive loops (dry+wet), 79 bass loops (dry+wet), 200 drum hits (50 claps & snares, 50 hats, 50 kicks, 50 percs), 50 fills, 50 sound effects, 140 leads & melody loops (dry+wet), 344 percussion loops (50 congas & bongos, 100 full percussion loops, 44 hits & snares, 50 light percussion loops, 50 shaker loops, 50 toms & low percussion loops), 50 top loops and 50 vocal loops], 170 MIDI files, 444 REX2 loops, 16 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion).

Everything is key and tempo labeled (128 BPM) and delivered as 24bit 2-8 bars WAV loops, along with REX2, MIDI and Sampler Patches. All of the sounds in the demo are available in this package. Most of them have a correspondent inside the pack. Don’t let them fool you as there is much more inside!

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
Format: (.WAVs) & (.REX2) & (.MIDIs) & (.Soft Sampler Patches)
• 0100 x Additive Loops – (Dry/Wet)
• 0079 x Bass Loops – (Dry/Wet)
• 0200 x Drum Hits:
• 0050 x -(Claps And Snares)
• 0050 x -(Hi-Hats)
• 0050 x -(Kicks)
• 0050 x -(Percussions)
• 0050 x Fills
• 0050 x FX
• 0140 x Leads And Melodies Loops – (Dry/Wet)
• 0344 x Percussion Loops:
• 0050 x -(Congas And Bongos Loops)
• 0100 x -(Full Percussion Loops)
• 0044 x -(Hits And Snare Loops)
• 0050 x -(Light Percussion Loops)
• 0050 x -(Shaker Loops)
• 0050 x -(Toms And Low Percussion Loops)
• 0050 x Vocal Loops
• 0050 x Top Loops
• 0170 x (.MIDIs) Loops Files:
• 0050 x -(Additive Loops)
• 0050 x -(Bass Loops)
• 0050 x -(Leads And Melodies Loops)
• 0016 x Soft Sampler Patches (EXS24 – NI Kontakt – NNXT – Halion)
• 0444 x Fills/Percussion/Top (.REX2) Loops
• 1693 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• Complete Fully Mastered Mix
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

……:::::: PRODUCT DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

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