Ugo Ironhead v1.5 VSTi-AMPLiFY

Ugo Ironhead v1.5 VSTi

AMPLiFY | 11 July 2008 | VSTi | 4,8 MB

Ironhead v1.5 – Morphing Synthetic Junk Percussion Kit

Ironhead Overview:
Easy Interface
Ironhead’s interface has been built to provide a simple set of controls that make it fast, easy, and fun to use. With Ironhead, you can get to a cool and interesting percussion sound quickly, without having to get too caught up in all the synth programming details of how to get there.

Synthetic Junkyard Percussion
Ironhead has been designed to provide sounds that will likely be different from the other percussion sources you have, increasing the chances of you finding something that will spice up your tracks, while minimizing the chances of overlap with your existing synths and samples. This lets Ironhead work well not just as a primary percussion source, but also as a secondary source for layering with loops and other drum synths. Ironhead’s sound is best thought of as synthetic junk percussion and the 15 instruments in Ironhead’s kit are named after the types of sounds they produce. Ironhead can go from familiar drum/percussion sounds to wild sweeps, thumps, knocks, smacks, clangs, and bangs…and always with its own unique character.

Morphing & Variance
To add further life and movement to your grooves, Ironhead offers two types of modulation: Morphing and Variance.

Ironhead’s morphing allows you morph, or switch, between two different control states for each instrument. The results can be anything from just a quick jump to a different sound, to subtle shifts and sweeps, to wild experimental sounds. Morphing can be turned on or off individually for each drum and the morphing can be controlled via BPM synced LFO, the mod wheel on your keyboard / midi CC, VST automation, or just with your mouse.

The Variance feature allows you to set an adjustable degree of random variation in the sound. This feature is independently available for each instrument in the kit and, with this function turned on, each hit to that drum will sound randomly different. Lower settings provide subtle variations that are useful for making grooves feel less repetitious, while higher settings can provide dramatically different sounds that are fun for fills and experimental purposes.

If you require more sound shaping than what is provided onboard, Ironhead also has 4 stereo outputs that are assignable per instrument…allowing you to run specific pieces of the kit through whatever external processing you want. To help get you rolling with extra effects, Ironhead comes bundled with Tunguska, a morphing multi effect that was built especially for use with Ironhead!

– Fast, fun, and easy interface
– 15 unique sounding percussion instruments
– Morphing (controled by LFO, automation, MIDI)
– Variance
– Dual delay (BPM sync with dotted notes)
– Kit randomizer

128 Kits by:
– Runagate
– Antoine Bertier
– Psy-T
– Jim Cloud
– Canned Heat
– Ugo

What’s New in 1.5:
– Greatly improved sound and flexibility
– New master pitch control for each instrument
– Noise control for the Bonks
– Drum trigger buttons
– Improved kit randomizer
– Interface enhancements
– All new presets


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