Vivaldi Bundle v2003a-OxYGeN

Vivaldi Bundle v2003a-OxYGeN

OxYGeN | 28 March 2003 | WinALL | 84 MB

Vivaldi Gold has been designed by composers for composers to be easy to use, super intuitive, yet extraordinarily powerful. All of the modern tools to enable to the composer to quickly, accurately and intuitively write music are employed.

Vivaldi Gold has been designed by composers for composers to be easy to use, super intuitive, yet extraordinarily powerful. All of the modern tools to enable to the composer to quickly, accurately and intuitively write music are employed.

Now you can concentrate on the music you want to create and not on remembering the complicated software mechanisms to remember how to do most things.

The Vivaldi Gold product comes with the professional module that enables extraordinary features, that enhance the play along and the plus software that are integrated into it.

Professional notation software, intuitive and equipped with an incredible array of functions, adapted to the needs of every type of user.

Main Functions:
– Quick and intuitive score editing,
– Real Time MIDI recording,
– Real Time displaying of note heads while playing for an immediate feedback,
– Immediate access to hundreds of symbols used in popular music, jazz, and 20th century music,
– Customizable Toolbar for quick access to frequently used commands,
– Zoom in and out for precise control (from 20% to 400%, fit page, and fit width),
– 60 dialog windows,
– Rec and Counter palette,
– Graphic Mixer window with settings for volume, on, solo, rec, pan, program change, voice, channel, and port.
– You can open and edit up unlimited number of documents.
– Keyboard shortcuts for the selection and insertion of notes, rests, accidentals and arrow, eraser and pencil tools

Vivaldi Plus has been designed by practicing music teachers who use music notation every day.

Why spend weeks or months learning hard to use software. Easy to use, incredibly intuitive, and designed to enable most of the powerful features of the professional version of the Vivaldi Studio Software Suite, but designed to use right off the shelf by teachers and students alike.

Vivaldi Plus comes complete with easy to use quick start guides that teach the user or teacher with exactly how to do what so in less than 10 minutes all major notation operations can be done.

Vivaldi Scan is Easy to use, fast, and 99% accurate. Comes complete with rhythm checking and note validation tools. Simply the best Optical MusicRecognition engine: it doesn’t fear any comparison!

Cleaning up score, correcting any errors, and adding text and fingering is easy, because Vivaldi Scan has the same easy to use interface of the rest of Vivaldi Studio products.

This makes editing the finishing touches on your scanned library easy as 1,2,3. Moreover, your scannedsheet music is now alive, and can be colored, edited,and transposed as you wish and is now compatible withother leading software notation programs.

Main Functions:
Recognizes with absolute accuracy hundreds of music symbols like beams, stems, notes, time signature, clefs, grace notes, texts, lyrics. Recognizes and maintains the layout during the export, making the subsequent editing phases easier.

Finally, a software that automatically recognizes polyphonic voices and (MIDI) plays them back plays them back correctly!

Easy and intuitive access to a wide library of music symbols to modify and insert them more rapidly into the score. Advanced editing options and possibility to export the scanned scores in several formats (Vivaldi, XML, MIDI)

Vivaldi Scan automatically spots any rhythmic errors and marks them to ease corrections!

Vivaldi PlayAlong Music PlayAlong and Notation software designed by musicians for musicians. Makes easier by slowing down or speeding up playback to learn to play a piece more easily.

Designed by musicians who know how to take advantage of all the benefits of using digital sheet music.

1. Pages automatically turn for you
2. Colorized notes makes playing duet and compound parts more easy
3. Enable all musicians to enjoy more their musical experience
4. Interactive teaching that helps to learn a piece faster, and more enjoyable
5. Play Along technology to make playing easier

Practice is now easy and fun !

You will be able to:
– study the piece very slowly playing together with the accompaniment
– setup the speed as you want as your ability increase
– start from any measure and play ten times a difficult passage at the right tempo for you

Vivaldi Bundle v2003a including:

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