Vocodizer v1.0.4-DECiBEL

Vocodizer v1.0.4

DECiBEL | 05 Sep 2022 | 28 MB

The Vocodizer is more then a Vocoder, it gives you an instant Vocoder Sound with many options to manipulate and tweak your sound. Dive into creativity by using the flexible Arp or let chords play along with your sound.

The Vocodizer is more an instrument than an effect as it can create independent melodies, rhythms and sounds. The Sound Parameter is the spectral-dynamic reaction to the incoming signal. There are four base waveforms: Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse and Sine. In the sub-menu these are also available in Unison Mode with the suffix “2” for a more powerful and harmonically richer sound.

The Note Parameter determines the base note. The submenu defines the note range (one or two low or high octaves). The Parameter Spread creates a chord and determines the number of voices. In the sub menu, the chord type is chosen. The parameter Arp creates an arpeggio out of the selected chord. In the sub menu the arp style and pattern is chosen. The “Trig”-Entries make the Arp play the next note when the Arp Control gets above 50%. Therefore when the menu entry contains a “2”, duophonic arp melodies will be created.


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