Angular Momentum 10 Track Drum VSTi v1.0-NEMESiS

Angular Momentum 10 Track Drum VSTi

Team NEMESiS | 27.07.2005 | 298 MB

Constructed by professional synthesizer VST creators, Angular Momentum, we have released the 10-Track Drum Machine. It is a full-featured VST Drum Machine compatible with all major sequencing programs that support VST plugins including FLStudio, Cubase, Logic, and Project 5.


• 10 Drum Channels, on all channels:
• SV Filter with HP, LP, BP, and Band reject, Filter Cut and Resonance for endless variations
• Delay and Reverb Effect sends.
• Decay, Release, Pitch, Pan and Mix.
• 1 End Stage filter with several Filter Modes + Trigger to Filter Envelope CV Sequencer, Filter Envelope with invert.
• Double filter delay and reverb.
• Drum triggers.
• Multi channel switch
• FX on seperate channel
• 12 Stereo Outputs, nicely loaded into your Cubase, Sonar or FL mixer
• 1800 Sounds
• Midi Automation
• 128 Patch Programs

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