Behind The Speakers Part 1 AiFF-ARCADiA

Behind The Speakers Part 1 AiFF

Team ARCADiA | AiFF | 148 MB

“This sample pack is special as the samples weren’t made to be in a sample pack. They are the actual sounds, bass and beats from my original songs and productions that you will know and can find throughout my back catalogue! When I was starting out I would have loved my favourite producers to have shared their actual sounds from the records I loved. The hours I spent reverse engineering things and trying to work out how their sounds might have sounded on their own, without limiting and mastering would have bolstered my confidence tenfold. As some of you producers might know, some of the beats and bass included I may have spent weeks tweaking, and all the sounds have been left at their original relative volumes to preserve the original mix relationships between them which I thought might be useful for some of you.”


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