Connector v1.12 Incl Keygen [WIN macOS]-R2R

Connector v1.12 [WIN macOS]

Team R2R | 2023.03.11 | 22.3 MB / 71.2 MB

Blue Cat’s Connector is an audio & MIDI streaming plug-in that can be used to transmit audio and MIDI signals in real time between several computers or applications, or create your own routings within a single application, with minimal latency.

Have you ever dreamt to overcome the limitations of your favorite DAW and draw virtual audio and MIDI cables between any places that accept plug-ins?

Have you ever been frustrated not to be able to create feedback loops with plug-ins?

What about connecting multiple applications together, on different computers?

The wait is over! Blue Cat’s Connector lets you do all of this, and more! It can stream audio and MIDI data in real time, between any locations that accepts plug-ins: one or several applications, on one or several machines connected to a network.

With precise buffering control, you can achieve the lowest possible latencies: down to 0 samples, when used in a single application.

Its built-in resampling and drift compensation algorithms let you create seamless connections between locations with different sample rates and unsynchronized master clocks: it just works!

Main Features:

Universal connection plug-in available in VST, VST3, AAX or Audio Unit format.
Create your own audio/MIDI routings inside your DAW (feedback loops allowed).
Create connections between any audio software on multiple computers.
Minimal latency, with full control over buffering.
Supports multiple sampling rates on a single connection (built-in resampling).
Built-in drift compensation.
Send and receive back audio/MIDI with a single instance.

Blue Cat Audio Standards:
Available in most plug-in formats for Mac and Windows.
Full MIDI control and automation support, MIDI Learn.
No CPU load on idle: processing shuts down when fed with silence (optimal CPU usage).
Customizable user interface with transparency & zoom.
Smooth Bypass: noiseless plug-in activation / deactivation.
Full featured integrated presets manager.
Copy/paste the state of the plug-in between instances.
Any sample rate supported.


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