Digital 1200SL DJ v3.6-Radium

Digital 1200SL DJ v3.6-Radium

Radium | August 25, 1999 | 2.3 Mb

Digital 1200SL is a software DJ system for WAV and MP3 files. Features: Pitch change from 4% to 52% (+-), Support for VBR MP3s, Multiple cue point settings, Exact cuing even on VBR mp3 files, Metronome assisted BPM counter, Drag and drop support, Built in mp3 encoder, Support for single or dual soundcard setups, Support for removable media, 10 second saftey buffer, CD to WAV ripper and more. (Retail $680)

Contains all the features of Digital 1000Sl plus 20 cuepoints, Visual waveform view, looping, and more. See the webpage for all the details.

INFO/ DEMO : n/a

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