Grooving Guitars XL WAV-FANTASTiC

Grooving Guitars XL WAV

FANTASTiC | 17 February 2023 | 928 MB

Basement Freaks brings you his XL pack of Funky and Liquid guitars! Inside are guitars for both sides of the genre spectrums, whether you are looking for straight cut the floor funk or some smooth and elegant liquid style guitars. You can get multiple vibes in one go with Grooving Guitars XL!

Liquid Guitars: Basement Freaks has delivered both exquisitely hand-played samples and designed guitars with elegance and ease. Using an array of renowned classic guitars including multiple Fender Telecasters, Jazzmasters, and his custom-made, 78 Ibanez Jazz Guitar. Some of the most classic effects of the 80s and 90s era was used to get an authentic retro sound. Including the MXR Flanger , CE-2 Vibrato’s , ELX Poly chorus, ELX Superego Stompbox, and ELX Stereo Pulsar for superior stereo tremolo and pan effects with modulation.

Chunky Disco Guitars: Inside are funkying, chunking samples from multiple guitars that bring 70s & 80s vibes, and are inspired by Nile Rodgers and alike. Including Fender Jazzmaster & Stratocaster (Japan Models), and a Squire Tele modified guitar. The loops have been modulated with some classic flanger, chorus, vibrato and doublers of the disco and funk eras.

Basement Freaks hasn’t only supplied us with tasty Guitar loops, there’s also fiery basslines, fresh Drum loops, signature Drum one-shots, bouncy Percussion loops and electro music loops that have been expertly crafted and infused with disco tones by using tape simulation and authentic resampling.

All of these samples are perfect for use as song starters or individual sounds in multiple genres. Ranging from Disco and Funk to Lo-Fi, Cinematic Ambient, Indie Pop, Instrumental Hip Hop, Dark Melodic Trap, or any productions that need a little smooth retro touch or funky disco flare. No matter where these samples are used they are straightforward and uncomplicated, putting the focus back onto the music and letting you stay inspired!


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