JRV Plugins Bundle 2023.01 WiN [MOCHA]

JRV Plugins Bundle 2023.01 WiN


JRV Audio Plugins Bundle 2023.01 WiN [MOCHA]
Includes: HEQ2 | SM8 | SEAC | Remonster | Euphony

JRV audio is a boutique company , who creates unique analog modeled plugins and also recreates famous analog gear with distinctive modeling techniques.

2 units in one! Solid State or the original tube EQ sound. With the Solid State engaged you can achieve a musical ssl touch for your track. The original tube section provides a creamy sounding big audio with a sublime floyd-esque precense that you are longing for. This plugin is unique for sound designing purposes and holy on program material , it is also perfect for shaping drums, bass and guitars. And of course your vocals will truly stand out in a valve fashion. Heq2 was emulated for multi-purposes to be used on 2bus and also on solo tracks, this is not an another pultec emulation. This is a secret weapon to be used on any program material which needs an analog lift and a balance to make your music sound like a ‘record’. Try it yourself and spread the word ..

A genuine plugin! Sculpting a sound never been that easy. Using this EQ is very straightforward yet incredibly musical. Lovely Trident Console EQ sound is in your DAW now, with a simplified user experience. We recommend using this beauty as a mastering EQ plugin.You can try on other individual sources for a special tone, which will provide you rich, bodied and 3-dimensional sound.This EQ has the ultimate ‘Queen’ sound. It can be creamy, smooth yet clean and punchy or lo-fi, if you crank it, you deserve a little bit crunch…

Seac is our unique circuit design, prepared for analog gear but then modeled truly through plugin. This is the best way (we think) to shape an audio signal easily, effectively, and an euphonic way. Compressor curve is the most interesting knob on this plugin, the left side is compressing the lows, the right side is compressing the highs, and at the 12 o’clock position it leaves the job to the compressor knob. Input knob is the emulation of the mp1A. Tone and presence knobs are decision makers for you weather you are in hi-fi or in lo-fi territory. This is SEAC (Super Easy Analog Channel). You can easily achieve the desired sound you are after intuitively. There aren’t any numbers principally, as it was thought as an easy, practical and most of all an instinctive plugin to use.

A superb drum bus compressor ! A very special gift from JRV Audio. This is a priceless audio gear that gives an incredible analog mojo for your drum bus or 2bus. This is the device that you can only find in the hardware world. It is an esoteric sounding vintage soul machine . With the tonal characteristics of the Fairchild , 2254’s and 1176’s this is an epic workhorse. And it is free for you to download for a limited time. Don’t miss this groove machine! Probably the best sounding drum bus compressor ever built.

Prepare to eat the creamy pie ! Our unique design offers air frequency with a revolutionary air bend which curves the airband frequencies and also add presence to low frequencies. The air knob makes the highs as smooth as one can imagine while not forgetting to add air to bass frequencies and make them big. And there is the lo-fi button which emulates an old tape machine , suitable for turning boring tracks to vibrant records. Lo-fi button also shines on vocals and on guitars . The output trim plays a very special role for this revolutionary plugin ,since you will find yourself balancing the ultimate tone you have found in euphony and enjoy your recordings .


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