Midi Duck 64bit v. 1.0.3 Win MAC Regged [MOCHA]

Midi Duck 64bit v. 1.0.3 Win MAC Regged

VST3 / VST2 / AU | 185 MB

MIDI DUCK is a wave shaping, customizable volume LFO plug-in hosted by a buff ass Duck with a glorious Durag.

You’re welcome.


Not all shapes are created equal!

Express your creativity by exploring the shaping interface canvas at the heart of the Midi Duck.

The MD shaper breaks boundaries and allows you to create your own flavours of ducking, drawing anything from simple curves all the way though to complex envelope shapes that resemble the stars of the Zodiac, the choice is yours!


Choose different time intervals to control how often your duck curve hits your audio and visualize the effects with the built-in on screen oscilloscope.


Feeling lucky?… No problem!

Roll the dice by clicking on Drucks beak to create a countless number of envelope shapes, all generated completely at random.


The quote “With great power comes great responsibility” does not apply here! Real creatives know that many gems are found at the extremes, so Midi Duck encourages experimentation, extreme settings and makes it easy for you to get there.


An analog hardware knob placed on an illustrated backdrop is so wrong, but yet so right! Crank up the dial clockwise to increase the effect of your ducking shape. Again, don’t hold back, the more the better!


Curve the left Warp slider up for a sonic trip like no other.

A seemingly simple control but don’t be fooled, it’s powered by multiple pitch modulators working in parallel in the background.


Arc the right slider up for some of that rich gritty saturation and pay homage to the dirty grind of Drucks past. Only experience could produce a sound so textured and thick… Try it and see!


​Ambitious sound designers and producers will be blown away by this not so hidden gem, as another level of multi-band control lies waiting behind the scenes.

Click on the Midi Duck logo, or the Inspector glass to reveal advanced mode and unlock a world of even greater sonic possibilities.


Now you can focus your Ducking or Power FX on a specific part of the audio spectrum. Just drag the outer bands in or out to hone in on your desired range.

Perfect for ducking the low end of an instrument or loop while keeping its upper frequencies untouched and vice versa.

Experiment and see!


Control the output gain of each of your bands independently by adjusting the LO, MID & HI vertical sliders. You’re free to make bold moves with 10db of slider gain in either direction.

Additional Tech Info: All 3 bands are created with carefully designed Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters. This avoids phase cancellation whilst creating a very natural, analog like quality.


“The power of presets is far too underrated!”

Midi Duck comes packed with over 50 factory presets designed by our experienced in house engineers. We did the heavy lifting so that you can stay in the zone and get inspired with as little as 1click!​


Explore all presets in full view with a dedicated built in browser window. The browser explorer comes packed with smart features designed to help you store and find all of your presets.

Favorite your best combos, recall, add new groups and search by name. Not to mention the expansion system that makes it lightning fast to import & export presets with other music creators worldwide.


The preset navigator arrows allow you to easily audition all of your stored presets sequentially with just a click of button, whilst staying locked in to the main plugin interface.

“Presets are gems, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”


The menu section houses additional control & items to assist and inspire your workflow.

But its so much more than your typical menu section and comes loaded with a few hidden gems for you to get your teeth into.


Midi Duck remembers every single move you make allowing you to undo and redo at the click of a button. Be as creative and experimental as you wish knowing that all of your moves are backed up in memory!


A unique feature of Curtiss King plugins is that you get rewarded for doing what you already should be doing, turning up to cook and create regularly! Midi Duck comes loaded with its own dedicated Achievement

for you to unlock. Time to get building that streak!


Need to resize the display for accessibility or need a helping hand? No problem, simply hit the settings cog to access a number of different scaling options for the plugin, or hit the ‘Help’ icon to chat to a member of our support team who are working round the clock to make sure that you’ve got what you need.


Druck is a visionary. Callous with love. Endlessly inventive and casually cruel. Willing to go against grain till it smooths out.

They say he lost every fade he was ever offered before his beard grew infully.
He hasn’t been beaten by a soul. Only draw…after draw… after DRAW.
With Sox.


MAC OSX 10.9 or later (64-bit)
Windows 7,8, 10 (64-bit)
2 GB RAM (4GB recommended)
After runs on any DAW supporting VST3 or AU (Pro-Tools not included)


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