Mixing Vocals Simplified In The Box TUTORiAL

Mixing Vocals Simplified In The Box TUTORiAL

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What you’ll learn
Mix Like A Pro using Logic Pro X 100% Stock Plugins
Tune Your Vocals Professionally Using Pitch Correction (Just Like Autotune)
Corrective and Creative use of EQ
Creative Use of Multi-effects (Delays, Reverb)
Creative Use of Dynamic Plugins (Compressors, Limiters)
Create A Final Mix and Get it Ready For Mastering
Learn Meters Such As Loudness Meter, Correlation Meter
Use of other Professional Tools; T-Racks Max Plugins To Attain A Crisp Vocal Mix

Apple Laptop or PC (Macbook or iMac)
A copy of Logic Pro X software
A pair of monitor headphones or speakers
Basic understanding and use of Logic Pro X
Little to No Mixing skills required

HI! My name is 24LDZ. I am a record producer, mix and master engineer. I have been producing music for over 12 years now and I have an array of successful independent artists including record labels I have worked with both as a producer and as a mix engineer. I have experience producing and engineering multi-genres such as; RnB, Pop, Afrobeat, Afro-Gospel, Rap, Acoustic to name a few. For those who care to know, I hold a BA (Hons) in Creative Music Production from one of UK’s best universities and a MA in Advanced Music Technology.Here is why my Team and I created this course for you.I spent years trying to figure out how to make vocals sound crisp, punchy, and industry-sounding like the songs that top the billboards and songs that win the grammy’s but I never seemed to get it. I had watched loads of YouTube videos/tutorials on mixing vocals but they were not clear and detailed. I kept asking myself ‘what magic do these engineers do’. Then I began to pay closer attention to mixes in songs of multiple genres, training my ears to identify what popular song mixes actually sound like and then I created my own way of mixing. The knowledge of which I collated from diverse and extensive research, books and pdfs on mixing and from universities where I studied music production.Hence, in this course, I will be showing you how to mix your vocals professionally and getting them sounding sweet, crisp, punchy, clean and ready for mastering.You will be given the tools, tips and techniques used by industry and professional engineers – literally all the secret sauce you will need to start and finalise your projects and get them ready for mastering so you begin earning as a Professional Mix Engineer.The modules of this course entail;PROJECT ONE (Mixing A Single Artist using solely Logic Pro X Stock Plugins)PROJECT TWO (Mixing Two Artists + A Rap Verse using Logic Pro X Stock Plugins + IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 Mix and Master Max Plugins which we added to this course for you)Introduction:Preparing project for Mix:Arranging and Organising multi tracks in the DAW.Creating track subgroups or stacksColour CodingComping and cleaning your audio files.Gain staging and level balancingBreaths, Hisses and Pops attenuation and cuttingPanning (panoramic effect)Use of Autotune (Pitch Correction)Mixing Stage 1 (EQ & Dynamics):At the end of Lecture Two, you will understand and apply the below in your projects.The Corrective and Creative use of Channel EQUse of Graphic EQ for Industry Standard CrispnessUse of Compression and LimitersDe-essing (Pre and Pro)Creating an Aux trackCreating a Bus TrackCreating SendsMixing Stage 2 (FX):Creative use of Multi-effects (FX)DelaysReverbsCreating buses and sends (auxiliary tracks)DistortionUse of AutomationMixing Stage 3 (Creative Mixing of other Vocal elements of song such as, harmonies, adlibs, punches)Creative Mix of Lead Vocals: (Exploring T-racks 5)Layering and cloning for richness/fullnessMaking your lead vocals crisp and cut throughMulti-tracks Genres:Afrobeat/Afro-GospelAfro-PopRapGetting your mix ready for Mastering:Metering (LUFS, Correlation, True Peak and RMS)Formats and Bouncing/ExportingThe Freebies: (Download Link)Two Mixed Logic Projects For You To DeconstructTwo Dry Multi-Tracks For You To Mix.T-Racks 5 bundle Mixing and Mastering Max plugins.

Section 1: PROJECT ONE: Straight Into The Mix (No Technical Stuff)

Lecture 1 Preparing Your Project For Mix and The Use of Pitch Correction

Lecture 2 First Stage Of Mixing + Graphic EQ To Achieve that Industry Standard Vocal Crisp

Lecture 3 Creative Use of Multi-FX; Reverb, Delay

Lecture 4 Speed Mixing of Other Vocal Elements

Lecture 5 Creative Use of Robotic Effect On Vocals

Lecture 6 Finalising Your Mix + Bouncing For Mastering

Section 2: PROJECT TWO: Mixing More Than One Artist + a Rap Verse

Lecture 7 Organising, Arranging and Preparing For The Mix

Lecture 8 Creative Use of EQ, Distortion, T-racks & Dynamic Effects

Lecture 9 Creative Mixing of The Rap Verse

Lecture 10 Mixing The Second Artist Using T-racks & More FXs

Lecture 11 Mix Down and Use of Automation (Extra)

Section 3: Download The Multi-Tracks and Free T-Racks Max Bundle Plugin.

Lecture 12 Download THE FREEBIES Click The Google Drive Link.

Artists/Songwriters,Music/Beat producers,Vocal Producers,DIY Sound Engineers,Live Musicians and Performers,If you generally want to learn how to mix in the box


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