mono to stereo v1.2 RETAiL x86 x64-DECiBEL

mono to stereo v1.2 VST VST3 WIN

DECiBEL | 11 Dec 2020 | 58.4MB

This is a great mono to stereo plug-in that makes mono stereo and allows you to control the phase cancellation.

The new version includes (though the older H. Laridsen technique is still made available) a unique algorithm designed by King OZ (AKA LE Attol); providing stereo without the Lauridsen technique.

Employing a white-noise driven algorithm; it is an almost random left to right method that is about as fast as air, meaning you get stereo without the left to right sway which is very noticeable.

A historical first ! Only from VSTplug / DSPplug and only available on VSTplug/DSPPlug and KVRaudio.
Ideal for professional vocal application.

the VSTplug mono to stereo LA edition employs the following technology:
The signal is sent to a frequency shifter (shifting by 1Hz) [designed by Trogluddite] and the lower and higher frequency-shifted signal are cross-faded (like as if by an LFO) at a very fast pace, just under 21.1 kHz.
This oscillation is driven by a sine created white-noise. The white noise is given the frequency of sample rate / 2.01 and then there is a crossover which takes place at a steepness of about 24dBFS at 4500 Hz.

After wards, the settings you select mimic the similar settings of the Lauridsen technique (so as to be more understood by the end user) and are affected and created utilizing two interpolated delays [by Myco].

The VSTplug mono to stereo package comes with the following plug-ins (in VST2, VST3 32 and 64-bit Windows compatible DLL files):
– VSTplug mono to stereo++: H. Lauridsen multi-band mono to stereo technique.
– VSTplug mono to stereo: H. Lauridsen single-band mono to stereo technique.
– VSTplug mono to stereo LA ++: Robert Langford (LA) multi-band mono to stereo technique.
– VSTplug mono to stereo LA: Robert Langford (LA) single-band mono to stereo technique (Latency DAW’s ONLY! Does NOT work in realtime DAW’s!).

+ V1.0: Initial Release
+ V1.1: Added new features
+ V1.2: added a new, unique DSPplug algorithm making stereo from mono using Quadrature oscillators and Hilbert Transforms in combinations with a white noise driven cross-fader moving at about the speed of air pressure

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