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MultiMax v3.32.02 Win

FALLEN | 02.2023 | 1.2 MB

MultiMax is a user-friendly software that enables you to process sound level, volume and frequency in order to obtain best quality for digital or ON-AIR broadcasting.The program supports human voice as source sound or music files, such as MP3 or WAV. You can modify a song’s sound layers, set peak levels, impose limits and modify equalizer parameters.

You can also choose one of the preset parameter scheme, especially created for digital broadcasting, or for FM and AM broadcasting.

The program enables you to adjust the overall loudness of each music file or you can get very aggressive, and make the file sound like it is coming from an over the air source and push it for maximum loudness and punch.

MultiMax can be used as a broadcast pre-processor to punch up a signal before it goes to the final limiter in an air chain.

You can import or export playlists and parameter files, as well as save the modified audio file on your computer. The program also includes several playlist settings.

Here are some key features of “MultiMax”:
Creates smoother sound by optimizing sound level with Multiband Audio Limiter
MultiMax is a multiband audio limiter/compressor which can create smooth and punchy sound from WAV files extracted from music CDs. It divides the sound frequency range to 6 bands, optimizes the sound dynamic range separately and always keeps its level “maximum” without losing its music quality.

Perfect Tool for creating MP3 files of portable player
You have already had a MP3 player with hard drive or flash memory device, haven’t you? Are you creating your own mp3 libraries which contains the various music categories? This software “MultiMax” uniforms the dynamic range or equalization and creates smooth and punchy sound for every music. And in case you have a lot of music recordings from analog sources that dates back to the 60’s or 70’s, you can reprocess that audio to get a cleaner and more modern sound that will be more compatible with current recordings.

“ON AIR MODE” can be used as a broadcast pre-processor
The latest version has the “ON AIR MODE”. It can process the analog audio signal fed to a sound interface card and it can output the optimized audio signal through the same interface card. MultiMax can be used as a broadcast pre-processor to punch up a signal before it goes to the final limiter in an air chain.


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