Organic Electronics

Organic Electronics

DECiBEL | 29 Feb 2020 | 779.5MB

“Organic” is one of the words J.Views uses to describe his new sample pack to us. Although “organic” adequately describes the range of foley he included (from stomps made from ice, snares made from cabbage, to soundscapes of crunching leaves) “organic” perhaps better represents his approach towards digital music.

From lush synth pads to gorgeous electric guitar, every sound J.Views includes contains a palpable connection to the natural world even when processed through digital and analog equipment. The two-time Grammy nominated producer and songwriter is heralded for his innovative techniques behind every project. His most recent endeavor, the DNA Project, welcomed fans to take part in every step of the album process – from watching the songwriting to sharing samples and recordings. The “open-source” type of recording process resulted in “401 Days,” a full length record of downtempo and ambient released in 2016. The record includes “Don’t Pull Away,” a collaboration with Rhye vocalist Milosh. In J.View’s sample pack, you will find recordings from these sessions, including but not limited to analog synths, glitchy drum loops, tape loops and acoustic guitar. J.Views’ music often takes you to another place – see where this pack will take you.

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