Oud Licks Middle Eastern Loops WAV-DECiBEL

Oud Licks Middle Eastern Loops

DECiBEL | 06 Dec 2020 | 195.6 MB

Oud phrases and loops performed by Andrew (Antranig) Kzirian, TheOudPlayer
The Oud – a fretless pear-shaped instrument that’s similar to a lute and known as “the grandfather of the guitar” is played throughout the Middle-East and world. Our TAQS.IM Oud Lick Sample Pack tries to capture the dynamics and microtonal subtlety provided by the instrument.

Played by Andrew Kzirian – TheOudPlayer – With over 100 samples you can use either free-form performances or loops (100BPM) played in a multitude of western and middle eastern makam-based scales. These exclusive samples will give your productions a flavor like no other.

The scales included are: Major, Minor, Beyati, Hijaz, Husseyni, Huzzam, Kurdi, Nihavent, Rast & Saba

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