Pitch Delay v1.0.5-DECiBEL

Pitch Delay v1.0.5

DECiBEL | 05 Sep 2022 | 21 MB

This Effect combines delay, pitch shifting and filtering! Here you create the most terrific delay lines with CV-modulated filters, combined with pitch shifting. Create the most spacey delay lines and try some CV modulation on all the knobs!

Pitch Delay is a classic delay with an integrated filter and the additional option of modifying the pitch of the delay tails. The Time Left, Time Right and Feedback Parameters are standard delay controls. Along with synchronisation settings you can also set up when the incoming signal is routed into the delay. “1/4…” Allows the incoming signal to pass only once for the length of a quarter note. “1/4-” Allows the incoming signal to pass once for the length of a quarter note and then pauses for 3 quarter notes.

“1/4-” Allows the incoming signal to alternate between passing and pausing for the length of a quarter note.

Option settings for eighth note and sixteenth note denominations follow the same pattern.

The Pitch Parameter adds a positive or negative pitch change to the delayed signal. Furthermore you can add the filter to create special new

Dub-style delay effects. There are several filter settings available so you can decide whether the Pitch and Filter work separately, together, or inversely. For every Filter Type there is a low and high (Q) resonance setting. The first menu entry “Pitch” has no filter and only modifies the pitch. A “+” in front of the menu entry gives an additive cutoff modification, when turned up the Pitch Controller also increases the Filter Frequency. A “-” in front of the menu entry will result in the Filter Frequency decreasing when turning up the pitch. If the menu entry has no prefix then only the filter is active.


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