Reload v1.0-0xdBass

Reload v1.0-0xdBass

0xdBass | 04/02/2003 | ~1MB

Reload is a utility for converting AKAI S1000 and S3000 formatted media to formats that can be used in various computer audio products:
Reload can convert an entire Akai disk into NN-XT Patch files and their associated samples, complete with names, key mapping and parameter settings.
The samples created in the conversion can also be loaded into other Reason devices such as Redrum and NN19.
Reload can convert an entire Akai disk into a single ReFill file containing all the converted data, which saves considerable disk space without any loss of quality.
For users of ReCycle and non-Propellerhead products, Reload provides the possibility to convert the audio samples on an Akai disk to Wave files.

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