Rock guitar Exercises for Beginners (Guitar Exercises Mastery) PDF

Rock guitar Exercises for Beginners

English | 2020 | 180 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Rock guitar secrets … is there really such a thing? The cuit that has always been built around every important rock guitarist seems to lend them a mystical quality. Of course, any thing unknown always has an aura of mystery about it until one takes a closer look at it. And that’s exactly what I intend with this book; to finally lift the veil from around the so-called “secrets 11 of rock guitar playing, if such things really exist.

ln the course of this book you’II find that most of these so-called secrets are relatively simple concepts or tricks which can easily be learned by anyone. Combining them skilfully and developing a sensible, individually-geared practice plan while working with this book will work the real “magic”.

” Rock guitar Exercises for Beginners” is put together modularly, meaning that you can pick out sections at will. If you’ve “always wanted to learn something about two-hand tapping or the melodic min or scale 11, no problem ! As it’s not necessary to follow a set order of modules, each chapter is complete in itself, you can jump in spontaneously wherever you want. Vou don’t have to have read the chapter on pentatonic scales in order to be ready to work with the section on the use of the vibrato arm.

Of course you can also work through Rock guitar Exercises for Beginners from beginning to end, using it as a rock guitar “method”.

The real idea behind the modular design, though, is to help you to develop your own practice program.

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