Smooth Guitars Vol 1 for Kontakt

Smooth Guitars Vol 1 for Kontakt

Kontakt | 326 MB

SMOOTH GUITARS VOL 1 is instrument based on electric guitar sound source.
It is both, Kontakt instrument and sample pack containing jazzy and funky elements.

​This is NOT a fully sampled guitar with many various articulations. This is a tool that has several complementary elements created for composers seeking ready to go loops, licks and phrases.

Phrases and loops are prerecorded, and (if used in Kontakt) are tempo synced!

Loops and licks are recorded in three keys (A, C and E), in 90 bpm! They are predominantly in pentatonic scale, so most of the time they can be used in both, major and minor scales.
There are 234 audio files in total. Guitars used here are vintage 1976 Gibson ES 175 and 2016 Custom Shop El Diablo Stratocaster.

There are 8 instrument patches:

1. Loops-Clean
2. Loops-Clean(processed)
3. Loops-Wah
4. Licks-Clean
5. Licks-Crunch
6. Licks-Wah
7. Chords (major, minor, minor7)
8. Fourths

Notice-Patch 1 and 2 contain same loops, and the difference is filtering effects added on patch 2.All other licks and loops are entirely different!
Chords and Fourths are one-shot single layered wav files often required, so we decided it would be useful to have them in this pack.

​Loops and licks are royalty free!

• 234 samples
• 48000 khz, 24-bit quality
• 320 kbps mp3 included
​ • 515 MB unzipped size
• 8 Kontakt patches + sample pack

• Any PC or MAC that can run Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
• Full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher
• ​​ Free Kontakt Player is not supported!!!​
• 4gb of RAM or more is highly recommended
• At least 1.2 GB of hard disc space


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