Spatial Mixing in Dolby Atmos using Pro Tools TUTORiAL

Spatial Mixing in Dolby Atmos Pro Tools TUTORiAL

P2P | 09 March 2023 | 773 MB

Curious about what Dolby Atmos is and what it can do for your sound mixes and music creation? In this course, Evan Sutton covers the basics of mixing music on an immersive soundstage using Pro Tools and the Dolby Atmos format, and how to creatively leverage spatial audio techniques for aesthetic richness and depth in your mixes.

Evan starts with showing you how to set up Pro Tools and the Dolby Atmos software. He explains how to configure a Pro Tools session for spatial mixing, how to process and add effects to spatial tracks, and covers techniques for better positioning static elements and creating movement in a 3D soundstage. Evan also shares some of his favorite tips and tricks for success when it comes to mixing on various Atmos hardware devices. Lastly, he shows you some best practices for exporting—including loudness considerations, dynamic range, and assuring your mixes produce a consistent experience across a variety of devices.


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