Studio One Masterclass Build Music TUTORiAL

Studio One Masterclass Build Music TUTORiAL

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Learn how to Create, Record, Edit, Mix and Master in Studio One.

What you’ll learn
Overview of the Studio One interface, tools, and feature.
Build Song Intro and Verse
Build Song Effects
Build Final Song Verses in Studio One

A basic knowledge on how musical instruments work

Studio One is a powerful Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that allows musicians, producers, and engineers to create, record, mix, and master high-quality music. A Studio One course is designed to teach students how to use this software to its full potential.The course will likely start with an overview of the Studio One interface, tools, and features. Students will learn how to navigate the software and set up their workspace to suit their workflow. The instructor may also cover basic music theory concepts to help students understand how to create melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.Once students have a solid understanding of the software’s interface, the course will move on to more advanced topics such as recording and editing audio and MIDI tracks. Students will learn how to use the software to record live instruments and vocals, as well as how to program MIDI tracks using virtual instruments and drum machines. The instructor will cover editing techniques such as slicing, quantizing, and comping to help students create polished recordings.The course will also cover mixing techniques, such as EQ, compression, and reverb, as well as how to use automation to create dynamic mixes. Students will learn how to use Studio One’s built-in effects and plugins, as well as how to integrate third-party plugins into their workflow.In addition to technical skills, a Studio One course will also cover creative techniques for music production. Students will learn how to use the software to arrange their tracks, create transitions, and add textures and atmospheres to their music. The instructor may also cover songwriting and arranging techniques to help students create cohesive and compelling tracks.Finally, the course may cover mastering techniques to help students finalize their mixes and prepare them for distribution. Students will learn how to use EQ, compression, and limiting to achieve a loud and clear final product.Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and receive feedback from the instructor. By the end of the course, students should be proficient in using Studio One to create professional-quality music.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 01 Start A Song In Studio One

Section 2: Build Song Intro and Verse

Lecture 2 1 Audio And Midi Files

Lecture 3 2 Sweeps

Lecture 4 3 Fades

Lecture 5 4 The Mixer

Lecture 6 5 Panning

Lecture 7 6 Automating Volume

Lecture 8 7 Adding Reverb

Lecture 9 8 Bouncing

Lecture 10 9 Split At Grid

Lecture 11 10 Adding EQ

Lecture 12 11 Crash

Lecture 13 12 The Inspector

Lecture 14 13 Envelopes

Lecture 15 14 Adding A Piano Melody

Lecture 16 15 Saving Your Project

Section 3: 03 Build Song Effects

Lecture 17 1 The Arranger Track

Lecture 18 2 The Breakdown

Lecture 19 3 Adding To The Breakdown

Lecture 20 4 Getting Creative With Effects

Lecture 21 5 Filling Things Out

Lecture 22 6 Synth Buildup

Lecture 23 7 Adding A Riser

Lecture 24 8 Building Excitement

Lecture 25 9 Saving Versions

Section 4: 04 Build a Riser and Bridge

Lecture 26 1 Creating A Riser

Lecture 27 2 Dressing Up The Riser

Lecture 28 3 Extending The Song

Lecture 29 4 The Bridge

Lecture 30 5 The Chord Track

Lecture 31 6 Conserving Your CPU

Lecture 32 7 Cool Effects On Drums And Bass

Lecture 33 8 Building Up The Bridge

Section 5: 05 Build Final Song Verses in Studio One

Lecture 34 1 Filling Out The Bridge

Lecture 35 2 Building Tension After The Bridge 2

Lecture 36 3 Adding Boom

Lecture 37 4 Creating More Dynamics

Lecture 38 5 Teasing Elements

Lecture 39 6 Creating The Ending

Section 6: 06 Build Song Ending in Studio One

Lecture 40 1 Full Force

Lecture 41 2 Bass Drop

Lecture 42 3 Making The End Count

Lecture 43 4 A Lead In The Ending

Lecture 44 5 Winding Stuff Down

Lecture 45 6 Tweaking The Ending

Section 7: Polish a Song

Lecture 46 1 The Wind Down

Lecture 47 2 Wah Wah

Lecture 48 3 Compare And Contrast

Lecture 49 4 Tidying Things Up

Lecture 50 5 Make Changes As You Go Along

Lecture 51 6 Color The Tracks

Lecture 52 7 Mixing Channels

Lecture 53 8 Fixing Errors

Lecture 54 9 The Mixing Process

Lecture 55 10 Mixing Effects

Lecture 56 11 Master EQ

Lecture 57 12 Master Compression

Lecture 58 13 Exporting

Lecture 59 14 The Finished Product

Lecture 60 15 The End

Music production professionals Studio One artist.


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