Take 5 Chord Tone Soloing TUTORiAL

Chord Tone Soloing TUTORiAL

P2P | 6 December 2020 | 686 MB

Whether you’re composing melodies, crafting a solo, or improvising, targeting chord tones is the most essential melodic device. Chord tones are the very notes that form the chords that you’re playing over. Targeting or resolving your lines to a chord tone is a very powerful approach for playing a melodic solo — much better than just running scales — and its melodic solos that really connect a player to their listening audience.

Rob Garland’s Chord Tone Soloing edition of Take 5 reveals a very simple method for crafting melodic solos by targeting and resolving your lines to a chord tone. Use this approach and you won’t need a backing track or rhythm section to hear the underlying chord changes.

“Emphasizing chord tones is a simple and powerful approach for playing melodic solos and connects the player and the listener in a more effective way than only playing a scale. I’ll show you how quickly identify chord tones, find them on the fretboard and relate them to a position on the neck. I like to combine a CAGED triad, an arpeggio, a pentatonic scale, and a major scale. This gives me a lot of fretboard visualization and I’m able to connect chord tones and create licks based off of what I’m seeing.”

After Rob outlines his chord tone soloing approach, he’ll then guide you through 5 Chord Tone Soloing performance studies from basic to more sophisticated and challenging approaches, across a variety of musical styles.

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