The Art of Digital Orchestration True PDF

Art of Digital Orchestration PDF

English | 2020 | 280 Pages | True PDF | 29 MB

The Art of Digital Orchestration explores how to replicate traditional orchestration techniques using computer technology, with a focus on respecting the music and understanding when using real performers is still the best choice.

Using real-world examples including industry-leading software and actual sounds and scores from films, VR/AR, and games, this book takes readers through the entire orchestration process, from composition to instruments, performance tools, MIDI, mixing, and arranging. It sheds light on the technology and musical instrument foundation required to create realistic orchestrations, drawing on decades of experience working with virtual instruments and MIDI.

Bringing together the old and new, The Art of Digital Orchestration is an excellent resource for anyone using software to write or compose music.

The book includes access to online videos featuring orchestration techniques, MIDI features, and instrument demonstrations.

Table of Contents

1. Process of Composing 2. The Instruments 3. Synthesis in Orchestration 4. Performance Tools 5. MIDI Techniques 6. Mixing 7. Orchestration Stories and Workflows 8. An Outlook on Future Digital Musical Instruments

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