Visual Browser v2.2 Max for live device AMDX

Visual Browser v2.2 Max for live device AMDX

AMDX | 7.52 MB

Visual Browser is a MaxForLive device that makes it easy to find and load Devices, plugins, Track presets, or basically anything that is accessible from Ableton Live’s browser.
No more searching through countless plugins to find the one you want.


2.2 – 2022.02.14
-New: You can decide if you want to close Live’s Browser after plugin/device load or not.
-New: You can now change the text size of the Categories, and Cards.
-New: You can now decide where to load the next plugin/device :
At the end of the chain/Before the selected device / after the selected device.
-Rearranged tweaks section in the main window.
-Improved AHK mode (fixed an issue with third party plugin load using AHK mode)
-the search field in Live’s browser now gets cleared every time after you use VB.
-Updated documentation


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