Wavestate Volumes 6-10 Collection

Wavestate Volumes 6-10 Collection

Presets | 649 MB

100 Performances, 400 Custom Programs, 105 Custom Multisamples (required for Volumes 9 and 10)
Production ready performances and custom programs covering a variety of different timbres covering motion pads, synth strings, synth brass, basses, leads, rhythms, soundscapes, motion sequences and random melody generators. Each performance has dedicated performance controls and are detailed in supplied notes.

Disclaimer about multi-samples. Most of the multi-samples (with a few exceptions) have been constructed to be played in the range of the wavestate keyboard. If you play very high notes you might experience aliasing and noticeable looping.

Some samples have also been processed using Mr Wiggly’s incinerator plugin. It can be bought from here : https://mrwiggly.co.uk/products/incinerator

To install you must install the sample bank first and have 1GB of Bank storage and 42MB of sample Ram available on your Wavestate. A video of how to install the multisamples can be found at this link.

You should then install the programs then the performances.

To install programs/performances import the files using the Wavestate librarian. If you have bought previous sound banks you may get duplicate warnings. In that case click make unique.

This product has been tested and is fully compatible with Korg Wavestate Native Software.


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