Soul Mania Vol. 1 WAV MiDi FST MTLX

Soul Mania Vol. 1 WAV MiDi FST MTLX


A New Sound for the Soulful: AYN Sounds’ Soul Mania Vol. 1

The music production world has a new offering for those seeking to infuse their tracks with the classic soulful sounds of yesteryear. Soul Mania Vol. 1 from AYN Sounds is a comprehensive multi-kit that offers a range of high-quality samples, including a sample pack, drumkit, mixer presets, midi chord progressions, and more.

This sample pack is a tribute to the golden era of soul music, providing a source of inspiration for producers looking to craft everything from vintage hip-hop beats to modern R&B tracks. The samples included in Soul Mania Vol. 1 are a perfect foundation for those looking to bring a touch of soul to their productions.

So, for producers looking to tap into the timeless essence of soul music, Soul Mania Vol. 1 by AYN Sounds is a must-have in their production toolkit. Get ready to create your next soulful hit and take your music to new heights.

Sample Pack Features:

80+ MIDI Files (Soul Inspired Chord Progressions)
10 Placement Ready Samples
80+ Drum Sounds (Drum Kit Sound Designed From Scratch)
20 Mixer Presets
30 Mellotron Presets
20 Phrases (Strings Toplines and Horns Section)
5 Live Drum Breaks


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