Whistle v2.1 Max for Live Device AMDX

Whistle v2.1 Max for Live Device AMDX

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Whistle is a physical modeling synthesizer with a banded waveguide as a resonator, disturbed with a granulated noise exciter source.

Banded waveguide synthesis is a physical modeling synthesis method that can be used to model elastic solids, like vibraphones or a marimbas. The synthesis method propagates exciter disturbances across tuned bandpass filters. In Whistle the amplitude and the partials of these frequency bands can be dialed in and automated.

The exciter of whistle uses a granular engine to process the noise source. This design creates a uniquely unpredictable bowing texture, with any tonal elements in the exciter source interacting with the resonator to create random harmonic content.

What’s New in Whistle 2.1?

Whistle 2.1 has a new look, as well as updated features and bug fixes. Most notably:

Whistle 2.1 eats up much less CPU

The Width and Detune parameter which occasionally blew up the bandpass filters have been fixed.

The Band Portamento allows for smooth slides between harmonic ratio values.

The ADSR envelope has a much finer control, as you would expect from native Live devices.


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